Vision & Mission

A powerful B2B2C platform utilizing all products, technologies and experiences to fulfill various customer needs

Our Vision


Becoming a hi-tech company, providing a digital platform and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to empower and exponentially drive Indonesian Digital Economic growth

Our Mission


To convert and accelerate traditional business in an integrated business platform through digital business, offering multi-products and multi-channels while increasing financial inclusion at the same time

As A digital business converter & accelerator

DIVA enables SMEs and each sector’s agents,
modernizing and equipping them with  technology and innovative products

DIVA Business Architecture (DBA)

Putting Our DNA into DBA

DIVA offers bundled products, a joint collaboration between industries, through innovative technologies, resulting in:

  1. Lower Customer acquisition cost
  2. Economy of Scale in distribution
  3. Higher margin with smart bundling across telco and travel products
  4. Provision of better service to customers with unique and updated products
  5. Higher consumer satisfaction and benefit from simplified purchasing decisions on joint products or services offered.
  6. Empowered digitalized SMEs that exponentially drive Indonesia’s digital economic growth while increasing public financial inclusion at the same time