Diva intelligent IM

Are you ready for instant messaging?

Strengthening its B2B2C PLATFORM with “DIVA intelligent IM”


WhatsApp chat service shows significant growth by collecting 1.5 billion monthly active users.

Facebook Messenger

Your bot is your connection to 900 million people on the Messenger platform.


One of the instruments making our marketing agency more efficient is our Telegram chatbot.

Line Messenger

There are currently 220 million users in the world who are joined in Line applications all over the world. In Indonesia there are 90 million users.

"Build a Chatbot Without Coding with DIVA"

Smoother Experience

Designed to deliver an easier and smoother shopping experience.  Our bot learns user shopping behavior to give tailored recommendations that match user shopping profile.

Notifications Updates

Designed to help our customers with their purchasing decisions. Notifications of the latest updates are sent to Customers, alerting them to the opportunity to save money (deals) that fit their shopping profiles.

Payment Integration

Integrating several modes of payment to ensure a more convenient shopping experience.

A unique collaboration between industries, reinforced by innovative technologies to empower massive SMEs

Empowering SMEs with multi-products and multi-channels
e.g. 1 year subscription for Data Package allowing Customer to have
two-way tickets to Japan financed through credits