About Us

PT Distribusi Voucher Nusantara Tbk Company Description:

DIVA is a B2B2C digital company that develops a plug-and-play digital transaction platforms which enables small and medium enterprises to sell their own and other digital products, and to accept all modes of payment.

The touch points with customers will be through Smart Outlet and Intelligent Instant Messaging which have adaptive interface, embedded with comprehensive business management system, Artificial Intelligence (AI) catalogue suggestion, modular front-end configuration, and smart channels using intelligent application and chatbots as well as data analytics technologies. Hence, DIVA Smart Outlet and Intelligent Instant Messaging act as point of sales, point of payment and point of redemption for business partners and end-consumers.

DIVA back-end engine is also designed as open-looped (not product-specific) system, making it customizable as digital personal assistant for various industries. Our end goal is to become the most complete deep data company in Indonesia.